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Yes, Autumn Cleaning IS A 'Thing'.

Posted 9/22/2016

Most people will give their home a full 'Spring Cleaning' around early March, and while this helps to refresh us for the start of the coming months it's not enough for the whole year. Thorough cleanings should be done twice a year - making autumn the perfect time to give your house another good cleansing!  We hope these tips can help make your 'Fall Cleaning' a little easier to tackle!

Bring Winter Linens out of Storage

When the weather starts getting colder, it's always nice to have that extra comfy, super heavy duvet to snuggle into at night! Wash and store lighter bedsheets and replace them with your heavier fabrics.


Dust Ceilings, Walls, and Baseboards

It's a good time to banish summer dust buildup. Use your vacuum's long brush attachment on ceilings, walls, baseboards, and woodwork. Wipe along your baseboards with a dryer sheet afterward to prevent dust from building up as quickly again and add a nice fresh scent to any room.


Wash All Windows

The gloomy weather and overcast skies of autumn has its advantages when it comes to cleaning windows. It's easier to spot streaks and stop them before they can set to dry. Another way to prevent streaks from happening is to use a squeegee and to avoid newspaper because ink now is made from a latex base that will leave streaks. 


Winterize Your Home


It's time to prepare your backyards and gardens for the less than stellar weather if you want to promote their health for the coming spring. Transfer and/or cover any plants that may need it, drain and cover any pools and store wicker, iron, and other yard furniture in the garage or shed to prevent weather damage.  Also Turn off all outdoor faucets; coil and tie all garden hoses, and store them in a frost-free place.


 Remove Winter Clothes from Storage

Just like changing up your bedding, removing summer clothing and replacing them with heavier clothing will help reduce clutter


Clean Chimneys

A chimney sweep will ensure the chimney is free of any soot and other debris that builds up on the chimney's inner walls and can cause fires. While you are doing this, it may be a good idea to check the batteries in your smoke detectors too.


Check Your Home for Drafts

Check for cracks in siding and shingles, and for window drafts. Plug air leaks with caulk or weather stripping to limit heat loss in your home.


Wash and Refill Bird Feeders

If you have any of these around your home, autumn is a great time to give them a little TLC too! Feeding birds during the winter increases their odds of survival by allowing them to raise their young and restore their populations.


We hope these tips can help make your Autumn Cleaning a little easier this season. Have any tips you would like to share? Let us know!