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Weekly Chores For Kids By Age

Posted 8/4/2016

Continuing off from our post last week, Daily Chores for Kids by Age, we're now digging into the appropriate weekly chores.  Because these are a bit harder, we have exempted the 2-and-under crowd here.

Here is the house cleaning schedule I like to get done once each week. (Because these are a bit harder, I've exempted the 2-and-under crowd here.) - See more at:


Giving children chores helps them understand that everyone needs to pitch in to keep a home clean. However, getting kids to clean isn't always easy in the beginning and realistically how much help can we expect from children anyways? The answer really depends on the age of the child(ren) so below, we've listed some great chores for kids to tackle weekly for their specific age groups!


Weekly Chores for ages 3 to 5:  

  1. Removing clean clothes from dryer and cleaning lint trap
  2. Take clean, folded clothes to bedroom
  3. Dust and wipe low furniture 
  4. Help fold laundry
  5. Help prepare paper for recycling  

Weekly Chores for ages 6 to 9: 

Previous chores, plus:  

  1.  Bring groceries in from the car  
  2.  Putting away the groceries
  3.  Tidy bedroom
  4.  Sweep floors  
  5.  Shake area rugs, depending on size 
  6.  Water house plants
  7.  Empty and wipe wastebaskets clean, using disinfecting wipes
  8.  Prepare recyclables for pick up
  9. Take dirty hampers to laundry room
  10. Fold simple laundry items  (matching up socks from dryer.)
  11. Scoop and clean out the litter box 
  12. Scoop up the dog's poop
  13. Dust furniture and shelves 
  14.  Dust lampshades 
  15. Vacuum out the car, with help, depending on the machine height and weight

Weekly Chores for ages 10 to 13:  

Previous chores plus:

  1. Disinfect kitchen and bathroom counter tops
  2. Surface clean the refrigerator 
  3. Clean the computer, TV screens, video-game controllers, and remote controls    
  4. Sort, wash and fold laundry     
  5. Change bed linens  
  6. Put out fresh towels and soap  
  7. Clean the bedroom  
  8. Clean the shower and toilet
  9.  Wipe chrome fixtures and mirrors clean and polish them 
  10.  Vacuum floors and carpets 
  11.  Mop floors and dry- or damp-mop wood floors  
  12. Disinfect light switches and doorknobs 
  13. Take trash and recycling containers to the curb     


weekly house chores for ages 14 to 17:

Previous chores, plus:

  • Wash the dog and/or cat
- See more at:

Weekly Chores for ages 14 to 17: 

Previous chores, plus: 

  1. Clean toilets, sinks, and tubs 
  2. Wash the dog and/or cat and their belongings.
  3. Prepare family Weekend meal.


Check in with us again next week for some Monthly Chores for Kids by Age! Have any tips or ideas? Leave a comment below!