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Posted 8/13/2016

Each family's monthly house chores list is sure to be very different from the other family's list.  Your list will differ depending on so many factors, such as how many kids you have and how old they are, the layout of your home, whether or not you have pets, where you live, how much (or how little) your family is home, and how meticulous you and the family intend to be with your housekeeping routine.  But to give you a guide, this list includes monthly age appropriate chores. 

You may have seen our previous blog posts offering both daily and weekly chores for children by age; now we're bringing you the final part! The age recommendations are just that - recommendations. Your tidy 11-year-old who has been cleaning his room since age 2 can probably tackle some of the chores listed for teenagers if safety isn't an issue.  On the other hand, if you've been the housekeeper for your 15-year-old since she was born, you might have to start her off with some of the simpler chores recommended for younger children.  Once a child reaches a certain skill or age level, s/he can generally do the chores for his/her age group and those for the  other age groups below. Consider creating different chore charts for the monthly tasks, apart from the daily and weekly chore lists.  This will help increase the chances the chores will actually get done.


Monthly house chores ages 3 to 5:     

  • Sweep the garage floor with a push broom. 

Ages 6 to 9:

  • Previous chores, plus
  • Wipe smudges from walls and doors.


Ages 10 to 13: 

  •  Previous chores, plus:     
  • Clean bedroom closets     
  • Wash out kitchen trash container and surrounding area     
  • Vacuum furniture     
  • Clean leather furniture with a soft cloth     
  • Clean windows     
  • Clean blinds     
  • Wipe off the car's dashboard and upholstery     
  • Help clean the garage


Chores for Teens Ages 14 to 17:  

  •  Previous chores, plus:     
  • Organize closets     
  • Dust the ceiling fans     
  • Clean lights and light fixtures     
  • Clean the shower curtain     
  • Wipe down walls     
  • Disinfect the sink and drain     
  • Sew on buttons and mend torn clothes