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Half An Hour Cleaning

Posted 9/1/2016

Cleaning your home in 30 minutes or less a day is easier than you think if you have a plan and execute it daily! It’s all about setting a timer and getting things done! Here is a handy 30 minute quick cleaning checklist! We hope it will benefit you too!


Before we begin it's important to set up some expectations for a 30 minute house cleaning.

  • 30 minute cleaning is basically tidying up. It’s not intense organizing or picking up a weeks worth of stuff that has been lying around. This is just to keep your home looking good so that YOU can feel good and also for those tricky surprise guests.
  • 30 minute cleaning is not like spring cleaning. We are not talking about washing the mattresses in all the bedrooms and scrubbing the inside  windows. That is deep cleaning.
  • 30 minute cleaning does not include making your bed. Make it when you get out of bed every day! If you don’t make a habit of it… you should!
  • 30 minute cleaning is done fast, fast, fast and efficiently… like that clown from the ten second tidy-up.
  •  30 minute cleaning is not perfect. Let’s be honest, nothing is! Life gets in the way sometimes, we're just trying to make things a little bit easier!

The first thing is to prepare your cleaning kit!

Take a plain old bucket and fill it with paper towels, a scrub brush, soft and hard sponge, glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, furniture polish, a wet cloth, a dusting cloth, a toothbrush (for cleaning dirt out of corners), plastic bags, a vacuum, a timer and a feather duster. This is basically a cleaning tool box! Nothing fancy but very effective!!! 

Take a day to clean an area downstairs and the next to clean one upstairs! If you do not finish the whole job on a certain floor, just stop when the timer goes off and pick up where you left off on the next designated day for that floor! Easy-peasy and no pressure!

  • Always start with the high areas of your rooms and work your way down… ceiling to floor! Top to bottom.
  • Use your feather duster to dust all your surfaces.  Feather dusters are great because they collect a lot of dust and can be easily shaken out!
  • Wipe down the dirtiest areas with a multi-surface spray and a paper towel, sponge or cloth of your choosing.
  • Wipe down 1 appliance surface also (if applicable for that room).
  • Wipe down all counter tops and/or handles/knobs.
  • Spray the sink with bathroom cleaner but do not scrub it out
  • Squeeze toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet but do not scrub it out
  • Clean/vacuum flooring.
  • Empty trash cans into a plastic bag

All of this takes about 30 minutes! Don’t go crazy! Don’t over think or work too hard, just do it!!! Clean and move on! Break a sweat!!!

It’s important to make your cleaning routine as easy and simple as possible and to customize it for your home! We hope you will give this 30-minute house cleaning a try! As you make it a habit, it will get easier and you will get faster and much more efficient! Your home will also stay cleaner and you will not have to do a big spring cleaning so often, yay!


Have any other tips or suggestions? Let us know!