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We are  locally owned and operated, and have been established since 2010.

Our team consists of honest and well-trained people whose references and backgrounds have been carefully checked.

Valet Cleaning Services will clean what other companies don't with professional quality tools, products and experience. We are Community-focused, with a desire to lead the industry by example, Valet delivers exceptional service with a personal touch.  Valet's level of quality and communication with their customers sets us apart.  No job too big, or too small, we service our community honestly and effectively, and are deeply committed to surpassing your expectations.





Alternative Uses For Salt

Posted 9/30/2016

It's easier than you think to keep your home looking in top condition without the need to spend a fortune on cleaning products. Some of the best items we can use are the everyday things already in our home. This week, we're putting  the focus on salt! That's right, salt may be a typical condiment to make a dish taste better but, it also has various other functions that can help improve your home! We hope some of these tips can benefit you also.


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Yes, Autumn Cleaning IS A 'Thing'.

Posted 9/22/2016

Most people will give their home a full 'Spring Cleaning' around early March, and while this helps to refresh us for the start of the coming months it's not enough for the whole year. Thorough cleanings should be done twice a year - making autumn the perfect time to give your house another good cleansing!  We hope these tips can help make your 'Fall Cleaning' a little easier to tackle!

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Cleaning With Essential Oils

Posted 9/16/2016

Last week we discussed how to create your own Laundry Scent Boosters and how Essential Oils can help create your personalized scent while also providing additional cleaning benefits. This week, we thought we would elaborate more on Essential Oils and their Green Cleaning benefits!

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DIY Laundry Scent Booster

Posted 9/8/2016

As a cleaning service we are very open to the use of more natural cleaning products and often seek new innovative Do It Yourself cleaners. We're very happy to be able to bring you a very awesome, great smelling and cheap DIY scent booster for your laundry!

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Half An Hour Cleaning

Posted 9/1/2016

Cleaning your home in 30 minutes or less a day is easier than you think if you have a plan and execute it daily! It’s all about setting a timer and getting things done! Here is a handy 30 minute quick cleaning checklist! We hope it will benefit you too!


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The Guide to Decluttering

Posted 8/25/2016

Out of sight, out of mind, or so the saying goes, right?
   Well, that's not totally true because you can only go on dumping the mess of daily life into drawers, piling it in the closets, or tossing it in boxes for so long. Sooner or later, the drawers will get stuck, the closets will become death traps and the boxes will overflow.

   So what's the solution? Starting out can be a little intimidating, we're hoping  we can help you with these tips!

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Back To School Organizing Tips

Posted 8/18/2016

Going back to school (or work) after the long and lazy days of summer can be challenging even for the best of us. Chaos can ensue in the days leading up to that first day back but, we've brought some helpful tips to make that transition a little easier on EVERYONE!

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Posted 8/13/2016

Each family's monthly house chores list is sure to be very different from the other family's list.  Your list will differ depending on so many factors, such as how many kids you have and how old they are, the layout of your home, whether or not you have pets, where you live, how much (or how little) your family is home, and how meticulous you and the family intend to be with your housekeeping routine.  But to give you a guide, this list includes monthly age appropriate chores. 

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Weekly Chores For Kids By Age

Posted 8/4/2016

Continuing off from our post last week, Daily Chores for Kids by Age, we're now digging into the appropriate weekly chores.  Because these are a bit harder, we have exempted the 2-and-under crowd here.

Here is the house cleaning schedule I like to get done once each week. (Because these are a bit harder, I've exempted the 2-and-under crowd here.) - See more at:


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Daily Chores For Children By Age

Posted 7/29/2016

Giving children chores helps them understand that everyone needs to pitch in to keep a home clean. However, getting kids to clean isn't always easy in the beginning and realistically how much help can we expect from children anyways? The answer really depends on the age of the child(ren) so below, we've listed some great chores for kids to tackle for their specific age groups!

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